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Introducing a new podcast by Four Seasons: Take the Leap, a series of conversations with extraordinary people about life-changing travel. In Episode 1, Jessica Nabongo, the first black woman to visit every country in the world, talks about her philosophy of travelling without fear, the connections that have transformed her, and her experience hunting for, and preparing, truffles with Michelin-star chef Vito Mollica of Four Seasons Hotel Florence.

Whether she’s crossing the border from Uzbekistan to Afghanistan, discussing the meaning of life with her Algerian guide, sharing a meal with a Venezuelan family who have welcomed her into their home, or bonding with her driver in Saint Petersburg, Jessica operates on the principle that the real passport for entry to any new place is the people. And that life should be lived without limits. “I really hope that my journey and everything that I do in my life, and everything that I share, helps people to get on the other side of those boundaries that they have in their life,” she says.

An entrepreneur and founder of the boutique luxury travel service Jet Black, Jessica is also an influential presence on Instagram, where she documents her travels as @thecatchmeifyoucan.

Take the Leap is all about what happens when we step out of our comfort zones and discover the world. 2020 is a leap year and the universe has gifted us with 366 days. There’s never been a better time to take the leap and take your time.

Stay tuned for more episodes of Take the Leap from Four Seasons properties around the world!

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